Sales Development process you have been waiting for

Sales Development industry has changed.Companies that actively adjust their sales processes with the latest technologies and methods are the ones that benefit from this shift.However, only a fraction of the current B2B companies embrace the change. Most still rely on methods that proved effective 5 to 10 years ago and don't provide sustainable growth for modern-day companies.The way prospects perceive sales has shifted, and so should your sales development process.Learn how you can turn your SDR process into a modern growth engine by clicking the button below and catching a 15-minute call with me!


Hi there! My name is Aivars and I've been selling B2B SaaS products for the last 5+ years.I've had a chance to be a part of companies at various growth stages, ranging from seed stage start-up to a company growing through Series A and B.During this time I've gathered knowledge and understanding of building effective Sales Development processes.I am certain that a successful sales process is everchanging, and only by incorporating the latest methods and tools, companies can achieve sustainable growth.Now, I'm on a mission to help businesses big and small build and evolve their Sales Development approach.Let me help you achieve your sales targets and build a predictable and scalable outreach engine.


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